Author(s): Chandra Shakar Reddy Nallagouni, Pratap Reddy Karnati


DOI: 10.52711/0974-360X.2022.00439   

Address: Chandra Shakar Reddy Nallagouni, Pratap Reddy Karnati*
Dept of Zoology, UCS, Osmania University, TS, India.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 15,      Issue - 6,     Year - 2022

The present study aimed to investigate the ameliorative effects of Selenium and Alpha-tocopherol on activities of enzymes involved in metabolic functions, energy production and transfer in the brain and gastrocnemius muscle of mice treated with sodium fluoride. Animals were separated into five groups and treated with Selenium (05 µg/kg BW), Alpha-tocopherol (2mg/kg BW) alone, and in combination for 15 days to evaluate their ameliorative effects against fluoride (20mg/kg BW) toxicity. The obtained results showed a statistically significant (p<0.05) decrease in the body weight, organo-somatic index, protein content, ALAT, AAT, CPK, acid phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase enzymes activities in the fluoride-treated group in comparison with control group indicates oxidative stress induced by fluoride. The effect of fluoride on enzymes of muscle was comparatively higher, which suggests the greater accumulation of fluoride in muscle than brain. These changes were reverted moderately in Selenium and alpha-tocopherol alone treated groups, and significantly (p<0.05) in Selenium + alpha-tocopherol treated group suggests the combinatorial effect of Selenium and alpha-tocopherol in the amelioration of fluoride-induced toxicity. In conclusion, the findings all pointed to the fact that Selenium and alpha-tocopherol showed combinatorial effects in the amelioration of oxidative stress induced by fluoride.

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Chandra Shakar Reddy Nallagouni, Pratap Reddy Karnati. Effects of Fluoride on Metabolic enzymes of brain and Gastrocnemius muscle of mice: protective role of selenium and alpha-tocopherol. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. 2022; 15(6):2627-2. doi: 10.52711/0974-360X.2022.00439

Chandra Shakar Reddy Nallagouni, Pratap Reddy Karnati. Effects of Fluoride on Metabolic enzymes of brain and Gastrocnemius muscle of mice: protective role of selenium and alpha-tocopherol. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. 2022; 15(6):2627-2. doi: 10.52711/0974-360X.2022.00439   Available on:

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